4 effective ways to remove tonsil stones without surgery

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Some may be surprised that one of the main causes of bad breath, a sore throat, and difficulty swallowing food may be due to the presence of tonsil stones, which are white or yellowish clusters of soft, spongy texture (with pores). These stones accumulate on the tonsils as a result of lack of attention to oral hygiene and the presence of Leftovers in the mouth, and mucus and dead skin cells play an important role in that as well.

It should be noted that the infection with these stones occurs in stages, in a more accurate sense that neglecting them leads, of course, to their accumulation in a greater way, which makes home methods useless, and there is no solution except for surgical intervention, but why do we not always care about them and oral health so that we do not resort to this step ?!

Tonsil stones affect adults more than children
And according to recent studies, these stones are usually formed in adults more than in children and in people who do not care about their oral hygiene and also those who always suffer from tonsillitis, so it is recommended to brush the teeth always, especially before bed, while taking care to clean the teeth and gargling with lotion (or with a lemon solution or a solution salt, if rinsing is not available) every once in a while to keep the mouth clean.

How do you know you have tonsil stones?
To test whether or not you have these stones, use a mirror and try to open your mouth as wide as possible (you can use a tongue depressor for this (a sterile wooden stick) or you can use your finger, but make sure it is clean) and if you notice any white stones or With a yellow color on the side of the tonsils, you should take care of removing them in the following ways if the situation is simple, but if the situation is complicated (many stones), you should consult a doctor.

4 ways to get rid of tonsil stones

  1. Cotton buds
    tonsil stones

You can use cotton swabs to get rid of these stones, but you must be very careful while coming to do this task, and do not press hard so as not to injure the tonsils, as these stones do not need to be pressed hard, just move them from their place until they fall and it should be noted that if they are swallowed by The error is nothing to worry about.

  1. Dental injections may help get rid of tonsil stones

You can also use dental syringes to perform this task, but make sure that you tilt your head forward slightly so as not to accidentally swallow it (and if it is swallowed by mistake, you do not need to worry either, but it will leave a slightly bitter taste in the mouth), and you can put a mixture of 3 % hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) with the same percentage of water in that syringe to make it easier to remove the stones.

  1. Oral probiotic supplementation
    tonsil stones

Probiotic supplements can eliminate the bad bacteria that cause stones because they contain good bacteria. You can do this by mixing 4 ounces (≈113) of probiotic capsules with warm water until completely dissolved, and then using this solution as a gargle with the head tilted back slightly. Until you make sure the solution reaches the desired area and then spit out the solution.

  1. Oral irrigation

You can use a dental cleaning device that has a water tank in addition to a nozzle that can have a thread installed or not (as shown in the picture). In this case, we will use the irrigator without the thread, but we will use water to remove the tonsil stones by force of water, but remember that You use it at its lowest thrust so as not to hurt the tonsils.

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