Don’t hold your fart, here are 8 interesting ways how to fart

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It feels like you’re passing gas in a room full of people on a date, in math class, or somewhere really quiet. While ideally you could flush the gas out of your system, that’s probably not always an option. Sometimes you can just hold on to your pain to avoid discomfort. So how do you do it? See step 1 to get started.
Part 1

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Grab the cheek. Think of it this way: If there is no space between the cheeks, how does the mouse get out? Although it’s a bit painful and doesn’t last long, the squealing of the cheek prevents the hand from coming out. To do this, you need to stretch the rectum and keep it that way; If you leave it, you’ll probably get stuck. If you’re lucky, this will last long enough to “draw” the gas back into your body – just remember that this isn’t a permanent fix, and your farts may come back stronger than ever.
change seats. Sometimes you need to move a little to get these gases to another part of your body. Do not make sudden movements or you may get stuck. If you’re sitting, try standing. If you are standing, sit down. If you can’t get up from sitting, try changing positions.
Lie on a chair. This is another time-tested strategy. If you have to sit and commit, put both hands on the gloves, weight on the toes, lean forward slightly and lift your buttocks off the bench. Pointing and bending the toes helps to stretch the anus a little.
Lying down If you are sitting or standing and need support, sometimes lying down can change your position and relieve pressure. If you’re hanging out with friends, this can be difficult, but if you’re all sitting around watching TV, see if you can curl up on the couch or do something to help keep the belts in place. make. it. looks normal.
Keep good posture. If you want to stand up and stretch yourself, straighten your body and move your head as high as possible to stretch your body. This helps give you more room to move your body without breaking.
Go cheek to cheek. If you feel like sitting up and letting off gas, one thing you can do is move lightly from cheek to cheek. Sometimes this movement is all you need to temporarily relieve the pain. This helps reduce noise if pressed. The problem with this move is that it looks a little obvious, so you might want to make it look like you’re suddenly grabbing something, then right, then left.
Know that the hunt will get tougher when the time comes. Farting can be a great short-term strategy, but know that the gas rarely “goes off.” These strategies will help you feel less embarrassed, but in the end, the frown will emerge stronger than ever. [1]
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Remember that gas build-up can cause bloating and cramping. While the jury is out on whether swearing is bad for your health, some doctors agree that doing it regularly can cause bloating and cramps. So if you are in a public place, as high as you can but as fast as you can, Relax every part of your body, stand up and let all systems go.

Part 2
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Release the gases gradually. If you are in a public place with no escape route and you know the snail will come at any moment, it is best to let it out slowly. Even if the gas could come out quickly, gently and slowly open the cheeks of the buttocks, move a little and slowly release the hands from the body. It can be painful at first, but it usually works. If you take it out all at once, it will probably make a loud noise.
Make loud noises to suppress the gas. So it’s not a perfect move, but sometimes you know you have to lose, and when you know it’s time, you have no choice but to make a loud noise or walk away. You can do the following:
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to laugh out loud
Get rid of the textbook
Turn on the radio
Set a phone alarm
Make an excuse to go out and you will complain. This is the easiest way out of the wind. Sorry if possible

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